Memories, memories and memories from 2015 NBA Finals. Fast paced game this time around with some new additions to the starting lineups with Brandon Rush and a healthy Kyrie Irving. LeBron still looks tired from last years finals after averaging 40 points, 10 boards and 10 assists. LeBron hasn’t looked right ever since the playoffs from last year. Curry had a little slow start but he started heating up late in the first. Draymond Green in the first quarter had 10 points and 5 boards.

In the middle of the second quarter Stephen Curry went back to the locker room due to a calf injury  . In the meanwhile, the Cavaliers took advantage of it and went on a 9-0 run to tie the game up before the Warriors score again. Rebounds and turnovers are key to this game at this point. Both teams had 18 boards midway throughout the second. The Cavs have 6 turnovers, while the warriors have 12. The Warriors star Stephen Curry return late in the 2nd. After Curry’s injury he scored 2 points off of free throws. LeBron James struggled from behind the three point line. Kyrie Irving only had 7 points in the first half.

After the break the Warriors came out strong scoring 9 straight points. Never count J.R. Smith out of a game as he knocked down a huge 3 to bring them within 3. LeBron has stepped up his game in the third showing his team that he has their back, but don’t count Stephen Curry out either he might be hurt but he can shoot. The Cavs in the third quarter couldn’t convert at the basket. Shaun Livingston stepped up for the Warriors when they needed it.

In the fourth, the Cavs haven’t been able to convert at the basket on open shot and layups. Defense on both sides was very strong. The Cavs held the defending champs below their average 115 PPG. Curry didn’t have his best of game as he dealing with his calf injury. As Golden State ran up the score Kyrie Irving tried to keep his team in it. the reigning NBA Final MVP Andre Iguodala had a great defensive play against LeBron that led the Warriors to help the lead grow to 8. LeBron James helped bring his team back to 4 but yet another Curry basket to bring to 6. Yet again J.R. Smith make another 3 to bring it back to 3. Curry drops a finger roll in to make it a 5 point game. Golden State stays perfect at home winning 89-83.


T’abren Wallace

Spark Sports Analyst