LeBron to the Warriors?

You obviously know about the whole “LeBron to the Warriors this summer” rumors that set the NBA world on fire last week. Well, the Atlanta Hawks General Manager, Travis Schlenk aka ‘Humpty Dumpty’, believes LeBron and his camp leaked it to cause a stir:

Here is what he said:

“I would be really, really surprised if LeBron went to Golden State… The one thing I will say about Mr. James: He is the master at using the media to get whatever story he wants out there. He’s perfected the art of the social-media game. I think that those things were probably leaked by them, by Mr. James and his camp.”

Wow. LeBron really is a genius in all aspects. He is just putting fake stories out there to get a reaction.

I know that a lot of you think this is ‘fake news’, but I believe this 100%. I am sure that every other NBA GM is thinking the same thing, just Schlenk is the only one saying it. Why? Because he knows that LeBron isn’t going to Atlanta, he has nothing to lose. He gets some media coverage from the whole thing.

LeBron just puts even more drama and attention towards his upcoming free agency this summer.

Ethan Carter