It’s the day after the draft and many are talking about how well the Hornets drafted. Many were surprised to see Malik Monk fall to the 11th spot to the Charlotte Hornets.

As an undersized guard, Monk’s versatility will be extremely helpful in the NBA; Monk could play point guard behind Kemba Walker. From getting scouted by basically everyone, being considered the best shooter in the draft, and other hidden talents make the Malik Monk draft pick the STEAL of this draft.

Charlotte also added depth to their bench as they drafted Dwayne Bacon (via trade with the Pelicans pick #40). Bacon is extremely athletic and was a great pickup for the Hornets ,needing some height coming off the bench behind Nic Batum. Bacon has the ability to shoot and get to the rim with contact. Bacon will be able to come off the bench and even in some instances start. Many can’t wait to see what Dwayne brings to the NBA.


Earlier this week, Charlotte also surprising traded for Dwight Howard. The Hornets traded Marco Belinelli, Miles Plumlee and the No. 41 pick to the Hawks for exchange of the No. 31 pick and Dwight Howard. Hornets GM Rich Cho isn’t known for big moves, but he made it happen. Despite Howard not being in his “prime”, he will contribute tremendously down low. Hornets haven’t had someone big down in the post to score since Al Jefferson.

What does this mean for Charlotte’s playoff hopes? This means they are much more balanced. Last year, the Hornets didn’t have a strong backup bigman; but this upcoming year Charlotte has an elite arsenal. They will have the perimeter offense they’ve been looking to supplement Walker with Monk and the low post defensive presence with the addition of Howard.

We can’t wait for the NBA season to start with this fresh talent. Besides draftees, there is still loads of talent looking to get picked up.

The first basketball action for the Rooks will be the Summer League starting up in a few weeks. Lets see what Malik Monk and Dwayne Bacon will have in store.