We are less than a week away from training camp and Cavaliers F Tristan Thompson still has yet to sign a contract determining his outcome on this “dream-team” roster. His agent, Rich Paul, who is also the agent for Lebron James, basically gave the team these two options:

  • Sign Thompson to five-year max deal that would be worth more than 94$ million (Cavaliers have only offered 80$ million so far)
  • Sign Thompson to one-year qualifying deal worth $6.9 million, ensuring Thompson will leave the Cavaliers at the end of the season. (NBA Salary cap also increases next season)

The thought that is going through executives in the Cavaliers organization is if Thompson is actually worth a max deal, and if they can still see success as a franchise without him on board. Also, they are flooded with luxury tax this coming season after deals with James, Love, Shumpert, Williams, Dellavedova, and Jones.

We all know the struggle the Cavaliers have had with big men in the past, and Thompson seems as he might be able to bandage that weakness, leaving them with pretty few. The Cavaliers really have to think long and hard about what Thompson can hold for their future.


However, the Cavaliers have much larger issues that they need to worry about. Lebron James, arguably one of the best players to ever play the game, has continuously defended Thompson throughout the summer and has stated his importance in their championship runs to come in the future.

Remember, Lebron James signed a two year contract, with an opportunity to opt out after the first season. Can the outcome of Thompson deliver a clear message of a departure of Lebron James this coming season?

Isn’t it amusing how the value of one player can raise the importance of another?

Not ignoring the fact that Thompson had an incredible finals series against the Warriors, but if Lebron James and his choices were not an issue, the Cavaliers might have had a totally different approach on his situation.

Well, time will tell us what will come out of this situation. The smart move in my eyes would be signing Thompson to whatever higher amount they can agree on just to stay on Lebron’s “nice list”, which sounds much more foolish than it really is.

Hagop Margossian

Founder of Spark Sports

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