Photo by Raejhon Johnson // Spark Sports NBA Writer

The NBA is less than a month away from kicking off and the new look Indiana Pacers are just as excited as fans. As a first timer to Media Day, it was an exciting event to be apart of although it was organized chaos.

The Pacers hosted their annual media day in their newly opened St. Vincent Center Practice court. As always, photographers got to work setting up the court with camera backgrounds.


Around 11 EST, media began to fill the court while players began to take photos. Certainly, it gave a weird feeling to see the Indiana Pacers take the floor without Paul George. No doubt, Pacers are the underdogs of the east with the George trade, and they embrace that title.

First, the Pacers showed their talented squad with a bright future in a group photo. Head Coach Nate McMillan informed Spark Sports that Myles Turner, Thaddeus Youg, Victor Oladipo and Darren Collison will be starters for the upcoming season. This could lead to speculation about Glenn Robinson with a starting spot open, but it’s still undecided.

Next up, Pacers gave players their own photo shoot, most likely going to be used for their social media or in-arena videos this season.

It seemed Pacers took their photos and videos for certain events like New Years and Halloween early, shooting confetti and throwing candy in the videos.

Keeping Pace with The Pacers

Meanwhile, players started to become available to answer questions in a media scrum. They did their best to avoid things about politics or controversial topics.

Surprisingly, there wasn’t much focus on the hole left by Paul George, but more on the players who hope to fill it. Notably, guys were praising Lance Stephenson for the energy he brought to the team. Darren Collison even went as far to say Lance should’ve never left.

“I’m looking forward to winning alot of games and having alot of fun. I just can’t wait for the season to start.” said Lance Stephenson ” I feel like this is a new beginning… I feel like a rookie.”

Indeed, this is a new beginning for Indiana. With new additions such as Cory Joseph and Victor Oladipo, the Pacers future is bright.