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Friday, June 19,2015


Kristaps Porzingis. You might have just stopped for a second and just asked in your head what in the hell you just read!porzingis

Latvian God, I tell you!

This 7″1 giant from Ventspils, Latvia is really making some noise. Talk about length and athleticism. He has a bit to him. From running down the floor, to that high release on the jumpshot, Porzingis has a good amount of talent. Kind of reminds me of a Dirk Nowitzki. His defense still needs work but his length will help him achieve that goal.

As a legit 7 footer he has perfect height for the role, combined with long arms and big hands. Despite the size he prefers to play as a small forward, showing amazing body control, coordination and ball handling skills.

Porzignis excels in transition situations, where he can use his speed, fluidity and athleticism to outrun defenders. During the past season he has improved his off the ball game, exploiting cuts and backdoors to get the rim. IF YOURE NOT AMAZED YET FOR A MAN AT HIS SIZE, I DONT KNOW WHAT TO TELL YOU BESIDES GIVING YOU MORE REASONS TO CHECK HIM OUT!

hqdefaultHe’s a solid shooter, with range also from three point, showing a remarkable confidence and variety of solutions: step-back, pull-up jumper, catch and shoot are all part of his repertoire. On the defensive side he’s really effective as a weak side defender, with his quickness and athleticism he can cover a lot of space in a few steps to alter or block shots.

Furthermore his lateral mobility makes him a solid P&R defender, a key skill for a big man, especially at NBA level. His footwork also allows him to switch onto the guards forcing them to take difficult shots. Born in August of 1995 making him one of the youngest players in the draft.

However, before he got to his workout, nobody really knew who he was. It was the workout that really got him going. If you guys are interested in watching the videos of his amazing nba draft workouts, Ill leave it here for you to check out!

A 20 year old man making himself known in the big bad NBA.

Will he be able to make it out? What do you guys think? Does he have it in him to make it to the next level. Why or why not? Let me know 🙂

Hagop Margossian

Founder of Spark Sports