On December 18th, Jabari Parker was assigned to the G-League team of the Milwaukee Bucks. Parker was put out of commission last February with a left ACL injury, and is expected to come back to the starting squad in February.

In an interview with Sports Illustrated Jabari said, “Everyday I have to tell myself, if I wanna move closer to my dreams and my goals, I gotta get up, I gotta tell myself I can do it, and I gotta accomplish it.” The 6’8, 250 pound, 22 year old menace is undergoing his second ACL injury and has to remain positive in order for him to come back more explosive.

Jabari Parker’s Skill Set

In case you haven’t watched any Jabari Parker highlights, here’s what you’ve got to know. Physically, Jabari struggles with hitting his head on the rim when he dunks, and with maintaining the bottom half of his legs.

Other than that Jabari is one of the most versatile offensive players in the league. He can hit the three, the spot-up mid range, the running floater, and can also jam on just about anyone. He’s deadly on the fast break, and creates many mismatches on offense.

Buck’s Offense

Jason Kidd’s offense is conservative and slow then radical and aggresive. Nonetheless, both Giannis and Jabari have been able to add their own flare to the often stagnant offense. In the 51 games Parker played last season, he was able to put up 20 points a game shooting 49 percent from the field. Last year Giannis put up 22 points shooting 52 percent.

Squad without Jabari

With the acquisition of Eric Bledsoe, the Bucks have gained a veteran PG that can be an experienced floor general and take the stress off of the young Malcom Brogdon. Not to mention Khris Middleton is putting up 20 points a night this season, stepping up for the absence of Jabari.

Don’t forget about John Henson, averaging 10 points a game as well as snagging 8 rebounds. Giannis is being the Greek Freak putting up crazy numbers, and Brogdon is putting up 10 points coming off the bench at 6th man. The loss of their veteran big Greg Monroe didn’t setback the young Bucks team.

Squad with Jabari

When Jabari comes back the whole starting lineup will be shifted. Tony Snell will be put back on the bench, the floor will be properly spread, and Giannis will be able to play his natural position (even though he can play all of them).

Jabari will take the scoring strain off of the Greek Freak and Middleton, give Eric Bledsoe another man to hit, and bring even more explosiveness to the young Bucks team.

However, the future of Jabari on the Bucks is foggy, due to Jabari and the Bucks not reaching a contract extension. If Giannis, Bledsoe, and Middleton can stick it out until Jabari returns, the Bucks can make a playoff run.