The Minnesota Timberwolves have had some buzz recently regarding Derrick Rose’s free-agency after clearing waivers from the Utah Jazz.

Marc Stein had reported that the Timberwolves had interest in signing Rose for their organization. However, the idea to create the Minnesota “TimberBulls” have been put to a halt. Since Marc would later report that Rose would have to wait until after the All-Star break to find a team.

Bringing Rose to Minnesota is a questionable decision for some analysts. But his former Chicago Bulls teammate, Jimmy Butler has some high praise and maybe a supporter to sign Derrick.


Jimmy Butler talks on the Derrick Rose situation. 🎥: @idanofer92

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No Drama in Minnesota?

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“You know, I see him every summer training, getting ready… I’ve heard how well he was doing over there in Cleveland.” said Butler “When he’s ready, he’s gonna rock out for any organization he plays for. I’m not a GM so obviously I can’t sign him, but I’ve played with before and he’s a hell of a talent.”

Drafted after Rose’s MVP year in 2011, the two have spent 5 years competing together. However, the duo couldn’t meet fans expectations and after their drama was publicized they ended up being split in 2016.

However, it’s starting to become clear that the two didn’t have as much drama as everyone thought they did. Both have been extremely supportive of each other after being split. While they aren’t the best of friends off the court, there are no personal issues.


The Bulls stars were the Cavs toughest competition in the East in the 2015 playoffs. Had it not been for a missed technical foul, Chicago could’ve had a 3-1 lead over Cleveland. It’s questionable to believe the duo were that close to beating the Cavaliers with a dysfunctional relationship.

The year after Chicago would go through a coaching change when the Bulls decided to fire Tom Thibodeau for Fred Hoiberg. Jimmy had admitted that nobody was on the same page, and he was at odds with Hoiberg. The Bulls went from being the ninth-ranked defense a season before to the 14th ranked defense with Hoiberg.

It’s possible that instead of Butler having an issue with Rose, it was their inability to adjust to Hoibergs system. But since something had to take the blame for Bull’s struggles, the Bulls stars took the heat. Placing the blame on Derrick and Jimmy’s chemistry on the court.

Now Butler seems to have no issue with Rose, praising his talents and believing that there’s no question he should be in the league. There’s a chance Derrick could once again work well with the Timberwolves guard and Thibodeau as the coach. Even Coach Thibs has praised DRose’s time in Chicago.

There isn’t a lot of support for the former MVP these days, but his old friends in Minnesota still have his back.