Last night, the Washington Wizards won their 5th game in a row without John Wall. Wall just had knee surgery last week and is projected to be out for 6-8 weeks. Since that time, the Wizards haven’t lost a game. NBA Twitter didn’t leave the Wizards star alone questioning if the team is better WITHOUT the super star guard.

John Wall is the best player in Washington. Everybody knows this. Yes, Bradley Beal is having a fantastic year, but Wall is still the only way this team has any chance. He definitely was not happy to hear people criticize his talents during this recent winning streak.

Let’s see what NBA “experts” had to say…

Wall was definitely not pleased to hear about all this nonsense. In order to address the claim that the Wizards are better without him, John Wall decided to speak out. In his interview with The Jump, Wall found it “shocking” to hear about these recent rumors.

“It was funny to me at first just to see some of the stuff that people were saying and certain type of comments. […] “It was kind of shocking to hear a couple people saying the ball is moving a lot better when that’s what I pride myself off of: being happier when my teammates are scoring than when I am.”

About two weeks ago, JJ Barrea mentioned that even Wall’s teammates don’t really like him. Then, more shade being thrown by first time All Star teammate Bradley Beal. “Everybody eats,” Beal said last Friday, per Candace Buckner of the Washington Post. “That’s our motto when we move the ball.”

It didn’t finish there. Wall responded to Gortat’s cryptic tweet as well, causing more struggles in the Wizards locker room.

After all this recent noise about the Wizards being better with him, John Wall roasted Gortat on The Jump as well.

Before those that want to call Wall egotistical, let’s look at the facts. According to ESPN, “of the 474 points scored by Gortat this season, 136 of them (28.7 percent) have come via an assist from Wall, which is the highest percentage from Wall for anyone on the team, according to NBA Advanced Stats.”

The man is right. How do you dare say this team is better with John Wall? After all he has done for this team? Disrespect. A player with Wall’s talent? Blessing. Don’t be shocked if some huge moves come at the end of this trade deadline…