If you have not been watching these NBA Playoffs so far, now is a beautiful time to start. With the second round coming to an end, it only gets extremely exciting from here on out.

PSA: Durant has officially become a savage. Throughout these playoffs it stuck out to me that Durant isn’t the same Durant that we all have known for years. It stuck out especially in Game 3 of the Warriors’ series vs. Utah, as you can all imagine.

This new and improved Kevin Durant is definitely a plus for him. Talking back to refs, getting technicals, flagrant fouls, and just in constant “kerfuffles” with anyone annoying.

How is all that a good thing? Because of what comes out of it. Durant’s aggressiveness, fearless attitude and desire to do whatever the hell he wants since joining a Westbrook-free, pass-first squad, was exactly what he needed.

Durant a savage? How? Well, let’s start off with KD telling the Jazz mascot to “fuck off the court” after a timeout. I was shocked, but excited about what Durant has become.

It certainly did not stop there.

We all know his talent. We all know his ability to shoot and score whenever he pleases. Easily a top 5 player in our league. I’m not referring to his talent. I’m referring to his demeanor and his attitude on the court (which is boosting his talent tremendously).

Those who watched him frequently in the past know that throughout the 8+ seasons that he spend in Oklahoma City, Durant was calm, collective and just eager to play basketball at a very high level. He was not interested in getting into fights, talking back to players or arguing with the refs, he just played his game.

This transition in becoming a more talkative player has helped him out perfectly. Durant’s aggressiveness, fearless attitude, and desire to do whatever the hell on the court was much needed. In some ways, this personality change has given him the motivation to absolutely destroy everyone. Durant is not to be messed with.

Rudy Gobert definitely found that out in the last couple minutes of Game 3…

The push in the back, calling him a “bitch ass” and the death stares given is all part of this new Kevin Durant. Throw that scrawny quiet Kevin out the window.

Obviously it’s paid off. Besides scoring 38 points and gathering 13 rebounds, he was letting one of the loudest buildings in the NBA know who they’re playing against. Even though the Jazz kept up and took small leads here and there, the talent of Durant was just too much.

Kevin Durant and the Warriors are now up 3-0 in their series and will probably sweep the Jazz, with Game 4 tipping off on Monday at 9pm ET.

What do you think about Kevin Durant 2.0? Is this attitude change hurting or helping his chances of getting his first championship ring? We will find out soon enough…