Wednesday June 24

Golden State Warriors 2015 NBA Champs

BREAKING: Cleveland Cavaliers all-star forward Kevin Love has opted out of the final year in his contract and will be “single to mingle” (free agent) on July 1st!

Cavaliers all star forward decides to opt out of contract, becomes free agent on July 1st!

Just after the first season of Lebron James returning home to Cleveland and expecting the help of all start teammates Kevin Love and Kyrie Irving to reach their city’s dream , he is left with an injured Irving and a Love who is ready to go. What does Lebron James under his belt? Who is he bringing aboard now.


After looking at this, I am kind of shocked. I would not think Love was going to leave cleveland. Looking at the accomplishments his teammate, Lebron James has accomplished without his and Irving’s help, I expected a healthy Cavaliers forward for training camp. However, Love had something else in mind.

What does this mean for Cleveland?

Honestly, Love is a good player and all, but big men are beginning to not be able to fit in this generation’s NBA play style. This game has evolved into a little man’s game. Did you not see what happened in the Cavs in the finals? The game of the big men is dying out.Β The Cavs and Warriors series was like a mouse always going in his hole as fast as he can while the big dog can’t seem to reach him. The Cavs are the big dog, not being able to stop Steph Curry and the Warriors. Ok, enough with these animalistic references.

A possible comeback of the Lebron James and Dwyane Wade era?
A possible comeback of the Lebron James and Dwyane Wade era?

But, something interesting that actually comes to my mind, is maybe a surprise pickup of Dwyane Wade over the summer. You guys saw him during the half time shows of Lebron’s games. You guys saw how close they are. Would you be surprised if that happened? I am not sure, basically trading Kevin Love of Dwyane Wade. I think the Cavaliers would be getting the upper end in that deal.

Where can Love be heading?

Where do you think Kevin is going to make a home next? Los angeles? Thats the hot spot for a lot of the free agents this year. Putting his potentially by Demarcus Cousins and Kobe Bryant? Seems pretty scary to me. Besides that , there is always he does stay in Cleveland if he does not find another option. I would not take him back if I was the Cavs general manager Dan Gilbert Β haha.

So sit down and buckle up your seats ladies and gentlemen, because once that calendar hits July, it is going to be something to watch. I am really excited. Who is going to go where, what “big 3” is going to be built next? I am ready.

Let me know what you guys think about Love leaving, and where would you like to see which free agent go. What is your dream team?

PS: The Charlotte Hornets won the bid for the 2017 All star Game under owner Michael Jordan. Be ready for that! It is going to be something to watch for sure!


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