The Chicago Bulls are in a state of disarray in their journey to find a consistent point guard.

Since their former MVP Derrick Rose suffered an ACL tear, they haven’t had any consistency at the point. The Bulls moved on from Rose’s health inconsistencies and ended up playing musical chairs with their guards.

No Payne building with Kris Dunn

Oct 4, 2017; Dallas, TX, USA; Chicago Bulls guard Kris Dunn (32) warms up before a game against the Dallas Mavericks at American Airlines Center. Mandatory Credit: Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports.

The Rebuilding Chicago team had little to no sense of direction when they signed Rajon Rondo. They ended up starting Rondo and then benching him after some Bulls drama. They started Grant, who was too inconsistent to be a starter. Then they even resorted to using Isaiah Canaan in the playoffs to compete with Isaiah Thomas

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None was as bad as the choice to acquire Cameron Payne in a trade to be the “Point Guard of the Bulls future”. Payne was traded for Bulls Doug McDermott and Taj Gibson to be something he never proved to be. The Bulls expected Payne to have a breakout season after being out of Russell Westbrooks shadow, which was foolish.

Cameron ended up averaging 4.9 PTS, 1.4 ASTS, 1.5 REBS, 1.4 TO’s, 33% FG in 12.9 MPG. 

The Bulls ended up sliding Grant back in the starting line-up the next year, and Payne suffered a foot injury.

The Future of the Bulls is Dunn?

As of now, Kris Dunn is averaging 10 PTS, 3.6 ASTS,4.7 REBS, 2.1 STLS on 41% FG. Dunn is showing his potential on the court, but battling his inconsistencies. He’s averaging almost four turnovers, which is unacceptable for a point guard.

Kris needs to become less reckless with his ball-handling. If Dunn can cut back his turnovers to at least under two a game, he’s a clear choice for the starting PG. Dunn has shown the Bulls his explosiveness and creativity to make plays or score the ball. In 23.8 minutes Dunn is already averaging 10 points from last years 3.8 points. In college, Dunn managed to average 16 points, 6 assists on 44% FG in 33 minutes. Dunn also struggled with his turnovers in College averaging 3.5.

“It’s open right now,” Hoiberg said regarding the starting PG position. “We’re going to go in and compete and see who wants to play.”

If Dunn can workout his turnover issue, Dunn shows potential to be a bigger part of the Bulls future than Payne was thought to be. Showing an increase in production with the more minutes and opportunities he gets in Chicago shows a great sign to coaches.

Dunn’s defensive rating is 96, he’s shown he can be one of the best defending point guards. One could even compare Kris’s potential to the Wizards star John Wall. Dunn has the explosiveness, quickness, defense and scoring ability to potentially reach Wall’s level.

“I love to compete,” Dunn said. “I’m not trying to go for the starting spot, but it’s definitely a dream of mine to start for an organization. So I’m definitely going to compete.”

Dunn must continue working on his consistency, playmaking ability, and his turnover issue. The Bulls already like the idea of LaVine, Dunn, and Markkanen becoming a huge part of their future. Grant will most likely soon be moved to the bench and possibly included in a trade.

Dunn is still young and has more than enough time to mature and polish his skills. If Bulls can allow Dunn to work through his inconsistencies the upside could be huge. Dunn could be the next big thing for the Chicago Bulls organization.