One of the most intense arguments in the sports world. Who is the overall better point guard, Golden State’s Stephen Curry, or Cleveland’s Kyrie Irving.

The answer is simple. Kyrie Irving.

Kyrie Irving is NBA’s new Mr. Big Shot. Insane ball handling skills, with impossible dribble combinations, clutch shots, incredible finishes at the hole, quick footwork, Kyrie Irving is the NBA’s hottest point guard right now. The craziest part about this? Kyrie is only 24 years old. Kyrie Irving was always a solid player, but his performance in the 2016 playoffs was earth-shattering.

2016 NBA Finals: Warriors vs. Cavs once again. Cleveland down 3-1 in the series. That didn’t matter to Kyrie, he just had that killer instinct. He lit it up, every single game. He outplayed Curry, every single game. He won, every single game. Cleveland wins the NBA Finals, 4-3.

Guess who hit the series winning shot?

KYRIE IRVING. Kyrie Punished Stephen Curry with a wicked step back three with a hand in his face. That’s what I call the ain’t nobody stoppin me vibe.

“It’s well chronicled, LeBron is the captain of this team,” the veteran Jones says months after that Game 7 shot. “The best player in the world. He’s our best player, but Ky’s our most important player. He’s our most dynamic player. When he’s locked in, when he’s even-keeled, it calms our team. Bron is forceful. Kyrie is calm. He’s precision for us. LeBron’s the hammer and Kyrie’s the chisel.”

Will Kyrie continue to dominate the game the same way he did in 2016? Easily. Kyrie is the best finisher in the game today. Kyrie Irving wants another NBA Championship.

“No rocket science, man, we just worked,” Coach Handy says of Irving’s development. “A lot of people don’t know the work we put in. We work on his ballhandling; we work on his footwork; we work on posting up; we work on finishes. We try to get outside of the box to keep things fresh and creative. We watch film. To his credit, he really bought into it.”

It’s not only his quick hands that make Kyrie such a hard player to keep up with, but it’s also his nifty feet. His combination of quick hands and feet is what makes his killer crossovers. He is simply unguardable. You never know which way he will go, and if you don’t react like lighting, it’s an easy bucket for Kyrie.

The only aspect that Steph has over Kyrie, is his range. Steph can repeatedly score bombs from long range. You can’t give Steph an inch of room, or you will pay, but the thing about Kyrie, is that he’ll create the inch of room, and force his defenders to pay.

All in all, Kyrie is an all around player. He can take whatever defenses give him. He will shoot if he needs to. He will drive if he needs to. He will penetrate if he needs to. He will break ankles if he needs to.

On the other hand, Steph’s entire game revolves around his 3-point shot. He has great handles too, but his handles are nowhere near Kyrie’s. At the age of 24, Kyrie Irving is definitely more valuable than Steph Curry.