(Poundin The Rock)

Chris Paul is unfolding a new character. All he wants to do is win. Any doubt will drive him away. In this case, the fear of Aldridge’s status in San Antonio drew Paul far, far away. 

Superstar Houston Rockets point guard Chris Paul reportedly left the Clippers because of his inability to cope with Blake Griffin and according to Doc Rivers, he wanted to go some where he can finally taste victory.

Before he was traded to the Rockets, a lot of teams wanted Paul. He was on everyone’s radar, especially the San Antonio Spurs.

According to Marc Spears of ESPN, Paul was seriously considering the Spurs. But, with LaMarcus Aldridge’s future in San Antonio uncertain, Paul just wasn’t sure.


 “With Aldridge’s status with the Spurs up in the air, it made the situation less attractive.”

Paul, who questionably could have been the missing piece of the championship team in San Antonio, decided it was not his best bet. He chose to play in Houston with James Harden.

The combination of Paul and Kawhi Leonard could have been lethal. A superstar point guard matched with an undeniable superstar in Leonard, that could have been something special.

Like Kyrie and LeBron, Curry and Durant.