When you hear someone say “LaVar Ball”… what’s the first thought on your mind?

Cocky? Arrogant? Assertive? Don’t worry, you are NOT alone. The majority of the sports world sees LaVar this way, but why?

Is it the media twisting everything we know about him? Are we mad at his success? Whatever the reason may be, I believe we are witnessing something special here. Personally, I see LaVar as a extraordinary businessman, father, and role model for today’s youth. It might not even be too far off to call him a genius.

Just like any other father, LaVar Ball takes tremendous pride in his kids. He’s a proud father. But everyday, sportscasters and journalists question his parenting methods. They commonly accuse him of “taking on too much of a role in his kids lives” or “controlling their lives”.

Could this end up being a negative impact? Yes. Has Lavar done things that push the boundaries? Yes. Has LaVar ever crossed the line? No. Most kids would dream to have a father that hypes them up the way he does for Lonzo, LiAngelo and LaMelo. Someone to push them towards success, and motivate them throughout the whole process.

LaVar the businessman? Unbelievable. Big Baller Brand is already worth millions. People will criticize him for branding his family like he has, but lets face it, if you were LaVar, in the position he is in, would you not? The dude’s a genius. Adidas, Nike & UA might have lost out on the biggest name of the last few years.

LaVar the role model? Exquisite to say the least.

When it comes to the limelight professional athletes are placed under, it’s hard to speak your mind and everything you say is scripted. Nobody is brave enough to speak up or voice an opinion. However, there are signs of improvement within the sports community.

LaVar is just one of the leaders of this revolution of players and acquaintances of players changing the script of how the “machines” that are the NBA, NFL, & MLB should be ran. I’d encourage my son or daughter to be like LaVar, but in their own unique individual way.

LaVar Ball, at age 48 has created an empire sports brand, proven himself as a proud, successful father and should be seen as a role model for the next generation of athletes.

We should be praising him, not criticizing him.