LaVar is Misinformed…

You obviously heard, yesterday LaVar Ball said this:

Now LaVar seems to think that Lonzo can just leave after his third season. That is not the case.

Lonzo has a 2yr/$13M contract. That contract also contains a team option for two more seasons after that. Then Lonzo is a ‘restricted free agent’ after his fourth season. So if Lonzo decides to sign with another team, the Lakers could match the contract. So the best chance Lonzo has of ending up in another uniform is a trade or the Lakers just don’t decide to match his contract in 2022.

He Needs to Stop…

I think we all knew that LaVar wasn’t the smartest guy and that he wasn’t always going to make the smartest decisions. This just goes to show that the people behind him aren’t the smartest people either.

LaVar really knows that little about the NBA and how contracts work? That isn’t shocking, but no one has informed him yet that the Lakers can keep Lonzo Ball forever if they want, that is scary.

To be honest, I feel bad for Lonzo and LaMelo. Those two are actually talented, but LaVar got is so caught up in making sure LiAngelo was on the Lakers too that he is ruining their careers as well.

Think about this for a second…

If you told me a year ago, that LiAngelo and LaMelo would be playing professional basketball in Lithuania a year from now, I wouldn’t know what to think

Think about the mess that LaVar and LiAngelo caused for the family. Everything was going great, Lonzo was a Laker, Gelo was a Bruin and LaMelo was one of the top players in the nation for his class.

LaMelo was one of the best scorers I have ever seen. It is quite sad that his father is ruining his career. LaMelo could’ve been a top-10 pick in the 2020 Draft if LaVar didn’t run his mouth and try to overhype LiAngelo.

All of this wouldn’t have happened if LiAngelo didn’t steal those glasses.

Ethan Carter