According to Ty Lawson’s agent Happy Walters, Lawson “feels really good about” his trade to Houston and what his future beholds.

Just about a week after Lawson’s second DUI arrest, he heard some news that might make some Rocket fans pretty happy.

Lawson is currently in rehab in Los Angeles, but on Sunday sources said he was traded to the Houston Rockets.

After Lawson’s agent spoke to KRIV-TV in Houston, he explained how Ty is better off with the trade, and how he is really excited for the move.

“He’s close with James [Harden], tight with Corey [Brewer], knows Trevor [Ariza] and Dwight [Howard] and is real excited,” stated Happy Walters, Lawson’s agent.

“It’s an opportunity for him. He’s been deep in the playoffs before, but this is something he feels really good about.”

Some sources told’s Marc Stein that Lawson is scheduled to finalize a deal on Monday regarding his trade to Houston. He would be traded for a couple of non-guarenteed contracts and a 2016 protected first-round pick.

The worth of Lawson has probably decreased since has last obstacles therefore leading Houston to get him for an amazing deal. Don’t doubt Lawson. He still averaged 15.1 points with 9.6 assists in the 2014-2015 NBA season.

His move to Los Angeles was conducted after a judge ruled last week that Lawson won’t deal with his DUI charges in Colorado and California until going through a 30-day residential treatment program.  He entered Cliffside Malibu on Saturday, a rehabilitation center located in California that helps treat patients with addiction and psychiatric issues.

“Ty has been in the league, and he knows what’s up,” Happy told ESPN on Monday. “He’s taking care of himself, and he just started [rehab].”

Lawson’s agent is really confident that he will get through this and this will just be a stepping stone in his career.

“He’s being proactive to deal with stuff and it will be helpful for him, and he’ll get better and put it all behind him,”

The NBA is currently looking into the case more closely after the second DUI arrest. The second offense always triggers some movement.

The Nuggets hope to replace Lawson’s talent with the rookie that they drafted as the 7th pick in last month’s draft. Emmanuel Mudiay, the Congolese National, with try to fill the hole of Ty Lawson. Can he do it? Maybe not immediately, but from what I’ve seen, he’s really something to see.

Something to think about. Lawson ‘feels really good about’ trade to Houston. What is the future of Ty Lawson? What is the future of Emmanuel Mudiay. We will be seeing the comparison for sure next year and its going to be something to see. What do you think? Who has a brighter future. Young talent or the obvious veteran? Let me know.

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