Ah, possibly the biggest question of this season is: “Where will LeBron James end up?”

Going into his 16th season, the 33 year old 4 time MVP has to make one of the biggest decisions of his career. LeBron will want to do something that’s best for his legacy while keeping his family happy.

In my opinion, LeBron only has 2 real choices if he wants to improve his chances of being recognized by the majority public as the greatest basketball player ever. Houston or Cleveland. Both sides bring good and bad things to the table.

If LeBron stays at home and continues his career as a Cavalier, I definitely believe he will finish his career there. Here are the pros of LeBron staying in Cleveland. He’s home, that’s probably the biggest plus for his legacy if he decides to stay in Cleveland. He’s at home and he’s staying loyal to his team. People always say “he’s always leaving for a more talented team so he can win the easy way”. Staying in Cleveland will prevent those comments from being brought up again.

Another pro is, he is still on a championship caliber team. If Cleveland has a solid offseason of resigning their free agents and using the Brooklyn pick well (assuming they keep it) they can definitely win the championship.  LeBron James will also be eligible to sign a MASSIVE contract projected to be worth 207 million dollars. That’s a lot of money ladies and gentlemen.

Here are the cons of LeBron staying in Cleveland. Cleveland’s organization is slowly dying. They have the oldest team in the league and won’t be at the top of the East for long, and LeBron needs to win so that his legacy improves. Another con of staying is that Cleveland is in the East. That is one of the biggest things people use against him saying that “LeBron is in the weak East and couldn’t win in the West” or comments similar to that. So staying in Cleveland obviously helps in that regard.