Photo by Marcus Smith // Spark Sports Illustration

Life for Lonzo Ball has been exceptional to say the least.

The fairy tale life that consumed his life every day. One that so millions dream about. It is about to be tested to its fullest with the NBA regular season coming closer day by day.

Let’s see. He’s already accomplished playing at a top Division-1 school, being a top-three pick in the NBA Draft AND is getting prepared to play for his dream team (thanks to Lavar).

Without logging a single minute in the NBA, he’s already been named the centerpiece of a franchise. The pressure has to be insane. But, what people don’t notice is the pressure it puts on the other members of his draft class.

Entering the NBA Draft, all the other picks weren’t as hyped up as Lonzo; they weren’t speculated and analyzed to the extent he was. The media didn’t surround their lives like it did with the Ball family. Markelle Fultz is probably the least talked about number one pick in the past 10 years. Thanks to Lonzo.

The pressure is there. Add the fact that he’s the number one pick… Fultz has to be sweating already.

For everyone drafted after Lonzo, the pressure to succeed is evident, as it is for every rookie. But, are they going to be too focused on beating Lonzo when they play each other? Definitely. More than any rookie in recent years, Lonzo will have a target on his back.

Surely, there are players in the NBA that can’t wait to prove to the world how overrated Lonzo Ball is. They want the challenge. They want the hype.

There was already speculation that Lonzo “dipped” out on playing De’Aaron Fox in a summer league game, unconsciously creating a rivalry between the two.

Now focusing back on Lonzo. Laker fans are labeling him “the savior” and people are already comparing him to Magic Johnson. Many believe he’ll be a bust.

But I’m here to tell you he’s going to thrive. Why? Lonzo is big time. Lonzo is primetime. Lonzo was made for the Lakers. Lonzo will not only lead the Lakers to a playoff berth this year, but he’ll win Rookie of the Year and be in the top-five in assists.

In the long run, the goal is set. LA is going to bring in The King himself, LeBron James.

It’s also believed PG13 might be joining the show, but if his season with Russ goes well, he may end up staying in OKC.

The mix of Lonzo and LeBron will send shockwaves and flashbacks to the Shaq and Kobe days, but NBA fans of all ages will be watching the end of the LeBron Era, and the beginning of the Lonzo Era.

Things are looking bright if you’re in Los Angeles right now.

You have new management, young talent and the best odds of landing the best player in the world. Add the future GOAT Lonzo to the equation in LA, everything is sunny and 75.

The Warriors won’t be worrying about the Rockets, or the Timberwolves. They’ll be running from the newly renounced “Showtime Lakers”.

A primetime team in a primetime state that screams drama, popularity and superstars.

What’s not to love?