Nobody likes to lose a game.

Nobody likes to lose a game and find out that a team’s prized rookie got pushed around… by an assistant coach of another team. That would frustrate many, including Lakers head coach Luke Walton, who had a few words to say.

After the Los Angeles Lakers fell short 103-107 to the Milwaukee Bucks Friday night, Luke Walton definitely got his message across. “Watching the tape, one of their employees is on the floor and he grabs Brandon by the jersey and shoves him, not holding him back, shoves him, and that doesn’t get addressed either?”

Head Coach Luke Walton continued: “If their is nothing wrong with that, then I have no problem hiring some people on our staff so next time we get in a skirmish, I’ll keep all my players back.”

Let’s see what happened.

Clearly, you can see the push from the Bucks personnel on Ingram. However, many might say it was just an effort to stop the fight at the moment and not get anybody hurt. However, like Walton said, an assistant coach never has the right to flat out push any player on the court in that fashion. Pretty sure the NBA has some addressing to do.

However, besides all the drama, Brandon Ingram at least got something out of the loss. An emphatic jam over Giannis, who outscored Ingram 26-11.

At the end of the day, we all see why Luke Walton is upset. He has every right to react in the way he did, and explained himself perfectly. He finished off saying that if this is seen to be alright, then he should look into hiring someone from LA for the same task.

Hopefully this doesn’t get ugly…