Carmelo Anthony, at age 33, is nearing the end of his career, but yet still finds himself stuck wearing a New York Knicks uniform. Melo. Melo. Melo.

The past superstar and current star finds himself in an atmosphere quite similar to an MTV show I used to watch (I have no clue why), that being Jersey Shore.

There’s drama everywhere. First, he gets shot down by Phil Jackson… over and over and over again. Then, he gets rumored in trade talk, but to no avail. Next, he expresses his interest to want to stay in NYC, but Phil would rather buy him out.

This whole scenario is a joke.

Unprofessional and just flat out ridiculous. I’ve never seen so much drama surround an organization, and quite frankly I’m sick of seeing them on ESPN every day.

The Knicks under Phil Jackson were the joke of the NBA, and were usually the root to their own problems. Carmelo, on the other hand stayed loyal to the team and trusted the process. They did have good years yes, but now it’s almost unbearable to watch.

Carmelo, being the smart man that he is, wants out. Who can blame him? He’s recently shown interest in joining CP3 and James Harden down in Houston, which would be a terrific fit for him. But let’s be real, anywhere other than NYC would be a better fit for him.

I personally would love to see him in a Blazers uniform. But you know the Knicks, after five or six months of bashing their All-Star forward, they seem utterly confused when they get trade offers for less than what he’s worth. Maybe it’s just me, but if they treated Melo with a little dignity and respect, I probably wouldn’t be writing about the saga that is Melo vs. The Knicks organization.

Carmelo, who already can’t catch a break when dealing with Knicks, also has to worry about the personal side of things. His wife La La has been displeased with their marriage, and there have been talks of her leaving him. Also, leaving NYC could be a big change for his son Kiyan.

You have to feel for the guy, the scenario he’s in is truly defines being “between a rock and a hard place”.

Carmelo the father, Carmelo the husband, Carmelo the businessman and Carmelo the basketball player need to converge and somehow, someway find the best way to get out of NYC. That is way easier said then done my friends.

All us Melo fans out there wish you the best of luck.