The Miami Heat won a close one against the Pelicans 94-88 as they went into OT. The Heat allowed 26 points in the fourth and was outscored 26-15. Anthony Davis and his team had a very slow start to the game.

Both teams where equal as far as FG% at 40%. Not much action in the fourth from Hassan Whiteside with a great game on the boards with 17 and 8 points. Chris Bosh ended with a double double with 30 points and 10 boards.

We saw a lot of action from rookie Justise Winslow 29 minutes, 9 points and 6 boards. Gerald Green came in clutch in the fourth as well trying his best to get steals and run the break.

Ryan Anderson, Pelicans PF off the bench, had a great game from the field. He had 18 points ( 3 from behind the arc) and 8 boards. Norris Cole had a warm welcome back to Miami, he had 30 minutes, 8 points, 3 boards and 2 assists not bad for a player that usually comes off the bench.

Even though Anthony Davis team lost, Davis’s numbers didn’t look like they lost with 49 minutes, 29 points, 15 boards and 4 assists.

After todays win Miami now has the highest Christmas Day win percentage in NBA history with 10 games played .833 (10-2)


Tabren Wallace

Spark Sports NBA Analyst