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When a individual player in sports is gaining respect on all sports articles today and every day, is it too much to say that he/she can be named MVP of a league even if they are on a losing team?

Over the last couple days, reporters and analysts have been talking about the NBA giving Lebron James the most valuable player award in the Finals… even if the Cavaliers lose.

Jerry West in 1969 is the last time this has happened.

I just can’t get this through my head…

I understand Lebron James is putting up inhumane numbers and helping his team as much as possible, but lets go back to the definition.


Obviously a person on the winning team would be more valuable because they actually won. No matter how good a player is, how does losing make you the most valuable player…

Lebron James, during a press conference actually said that it “wouldn’t feel too good” winning MVP but losing Finals and that he is “here to win team prize, not an individual prize”.

At least he knows what he’s saying.

It really makes sense. He is an incredible player but what people have to realize is that they are missing two of their three all stars. If all star point guard Kyrie Irving and all star forward Kevin Love were inserted into the lineup, Lebrons numbers would be tremendously affected. Lebron is playing with a bunch of sheep that just roam around on his team.


It’s Lebron James vs. the Golden State warriors (or thats what it looks like its been).

6pm pacific, 9pm eastern.

Will the hype of King James continue, or will Steph curry and the Splash Bro’s put it away in Cleveland. Not something to miss!

Guys, please let me know what you think about, i would really like to know πŸ™‚ If you guys don’t have Lebron winning finals mvp, who do you have in mind?