Well sort of…

The past 24 hours have been amazing to watch. Players rushing to locker rooms to fight other players Players throwing actual punches on the court. And even WWE style headlocks.

The Clippers vs. Rockets started it yesterday as Cliff Paul made his long awaited return to L.A. Things got heated. Austin Rivers trash talked. State Farm and LAPD were called. You can read all about what happened here.

Tonight the Timberwolves and Magic got ready to rumble. You could almost hear JR shouting “Bawh Gawd” when Afflalo got put in a headlock. You can read all about what happened tonight here.

Now we’re not quite at the Malace at the Palace yet. But to Charles Barkley’s enjoyment,  things are getting more physical. We just need Draymond vs. LeBron in the finals or Embiid vs. Drummind/Cousins/Howard/Jordan etc… to get the full affect.

We have all the ingredients to bring back physical basketball right now. A handful of teams who don’t like each other. A handful of players talking trash on social media. A bad year for refereeing. And players/teams trying to prove themselves in a league dominated by the Warriors and Cavs. Teams are starting to fight for playoff spots. Players are fighting for All-star bids. The pot is stirring. The next few months should be fun.

P.S: Keep an eye on Miami or Washington. I got my money on one of them being the next team involved in a fight of some sort.