As NBA Christmas Day is about to start DeAsia and I are here to give you guys a few predictions on who we believe should win in today’s games.


New Orleans Pelicans vs Miami Heat (12 PM on ESPN)

DeAsia: Heat wins; with the New Orleans Pelicans being the fourteenth seed in the West, and the Miami Heat being the fourth seed in the East, it shouldn’t be a surprising ending. The Heat are simply a better team with the fresh vigor of Justise Winslow and Hassan Whiteside. Additionally, the Pelicans only have the power of Anthony Davis, which is not enough to win against a great team like the Heat.

T’abren: Heat wins; reasoning being Dwayne Wade averaging 18.5 PPG but averages a little over 25 PPG on Christmas Day and with a healthy frontcourt, Hassan Whiteside and Chris Bosh. The Pelicans I believe aren’t at their full potential right now due to injuries, even though Anthony Davis has had 30+ points in the last 5 games. The Pelicans will have a healthy Tyreke Evans that’s averaging 16.4 PPG, 6 RPG and 6 APG.


Chicago Bulls vs Oklahoma City Thunder (2:30 PM on ABC)

DeAsia: OKC wins; if this was a game at the beginning of the season, the Chicago Bulls would be an easy choice to win. However, with the Bulls having a three-game losing streak, the team to win this one is not easy choice. Russell Westbrook and Kevin Durant are both averaging 25 points a game. The loss of key big man Joakim Noah due to a shoulder sprain is posing a stumbling block for the team. To win this game, the Bulls would have to work together as a team to improve their offense.

T’abren: OKC wins; I agree with everything that DeAsia said except I believe Derrick Rose will have a better game than Russell Westbrook and KD despite his recent games. In order for Chicago to win the need to implement Pau Gasol and Nikola Mirotic.


Game of the Day: Cleveland Cavaliers vs Golden State Warriors (5 PM on ABC)

DeAsia: Cleveland win; the most anticipating game, a finals rematch from last year. LBJ and Steph Curry take on each other and it will be interesting to see the health of The Cavs which creates an advantage for the team.

 The Cleveland Cavaliers win; in a finals rematch you wouldn’t expect the King, LeBron James, to lose twice. Also, with a ok-healthy Kyrie Irving the Cavs should win. I believe the Cavs will out rebound the Golden State Warriors.


San Antonio Spurs vs Houston Rockets (8 PM on ESPN)

DeAsia: Spurs win; The Spurs have a stronger and much physical defense than the Rockets.

T’abren: Spurs win; the Spurs have two of the best big man in the league.


Battle of Los Angeles: Los Angeles Clippers vs Los Angeles Lakers (10:30 on ESPN)

DeAsia: Clippers win; The Lakers won’t be competition because the Lakers just don’t have the powerhouse to push it through with the Clippers.

T’abren: Lakers win; despite the Lakers sitting at a 5-24 record its Kobe Byrant‘s last Christmas game.


T’abren Wallace and DeAsia Paige

Spark Sports NBA Analysts