Photo by Getty Images // Spark Sports Illustration

Derrick Rose. Once one of the most popular players in the NBA. A man with unlimited respect from everybody that has ever watched any basketball.

Following his MVP campaign in 2011, all doubts about his talent were finally answered. Unfortunately, due to unforeseen circumstances, his popularity didn’t last long.

Once the golden boy of the league, a fan favorite on and off the court and a popular figure that shined in the media spotlight. Rose was loved by millions of fans all over the word. He served as a role model for young men everywhere.

Everyone who ever had a dream to ever play in the league looked at Rose for unlimited moral support. Not only did he portray a noteworthy character, he always acted from the goodness of his heart. Emphasizing the importance of his family coming first, speaking on social issues and continuing to be active in the community throughout all the fame.

Five years later… some would say Rose is now social media’s favorite laughing stock.

Rose will always be a hot topic of debate. However, the conversation has shifted from comparing him to the great point guards of the league to his ability to even be a back up on ANY team. From the rise of stardom, to the NBA’s version of rock bottom.

Rose’s career has seen it all.