Baby season? Guess so. After Kylie Jenner announced she was having a child last week, you know LaVar Ball had to one up the Kardashians. Just like that, Lonzo Ball’s girlfriend Denise has officially secured the bag. Big Baller Baby.

LaVar is about to promote the heck out of this baby. The new face of BBB? You bet. Is this family full of opportunity or what. Doing whatever they need to do to become the most important family on Earth. The LaVar Big Baller way.

Let’s hope this baby will help keep Lonzo grounded in Los Angeles, where there are lots of temptations. Eyes on the prize.

The name is likely going to be something super ‘hollywood.’ LaBrick is an good one. To be honest I feel kind of bad for the couple. Imagine having to deal with LaVar in this situation? He is going to be extremely annoying. His way or the high way. It is reported that Denise is four months pregnant and the baby is in excellent health!

All jokes aside, congrats to Denise and Lonzo!

Ethan Carter