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Jaxon Williams, son of Jason "white chocolate" Williams
Jaxon Williams, son of Jason “white chocolate” Williams

As you guys know, there is millions of people out there who are striving to become a world class success in every sport they play. They are dedicated to become the best in what they do, no matter how hard the journey is. They pass through obstacles of defeat, but alway triumph in the hard work they place on any given day.

However, what better advantage can a child have from being trained by a professional basketball player, and also having that person be your parent? Yes, thats where I believe true talent comes from.

Even though its an assumption, I think its pretty true. When a father who was a professional in the sport teaches his son how to play since he was big enough to walk, has to have some sort of skill set.


It all begins with 13 year old  Jaxon Williams. If you have not already heard about this young man, you are in for a treat. He is something else. Something really to tip your hat off too!

This was Jaxon when he was about 8 years old.


His father is Jason “White Chocolate” Williams.  Williams has been on various NBA teams and contributed to some of their success. He is a 39 year old father right now that is pretty ecstatic about how his son is performing at such a young age. Seeing how well Jason can move at the age of 39, can really show you what effect his son is going to have as he ages.

If you don’t really believe me about this kids skill set, here is a video that will be sure to get your approval!

Impressed? I sure was. What were you doing at 13? I was probably sitting on my couch watching the next episode of Spongebob Squarepants. This manchild is on a mission to become one of the greatest.

Jaxon participates in many AAU games in his quest of getting his name out there. Soon, he will be entering the high school basketball world where people will really begin to notice his talent.

The younger Williams has a clear eye for the incisive pass, often with an extra dose of flair. And like his father, his ball handling skills are already clearly on a higher plane than anyone else on the court.

Of course it’s far too early to know whether Jaxon Williams will be able to follow in his father’s rather cult legendary footsteps. Still, the early signs are that the talent is there, particularly if it’s accompanied by a healthy dose of will.

Ill be sure as hell to keep an eye on this young boy!

What do you think? Let me know. Do you see a future for young Jaxon, or not? Leave a like and share if you enjoy, thank you!

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