Nike signed a huge contract with the NBA taking over Adidas as the official jersey provider of the league. They already ran into some trouble with jerseys ripping during games and they quickly released a statement saying they have addressed the issue.

That’s great, but what about Christmas Day? One of the biggest days in the NBA, with five games on prime time television. The Christmas Day jerseys were always a huge sell for the NBA, but Nike didn’t release any. Instead the teams came out in their normal every day uniforms.

Now there is a leak for the All-star game jersey online, and it’s just black and white with the team logo on it. Come on Nike… I guess simplicity is the key?

Adidas used to design their jerseys based off the city the All-Star game was in. That made each game feel unique and special.

This year’s game will be in Los Angeles… HOLLYWOOD Nike. L.A. deserves better than just plain black and white jerseys…

Will Nike become the new Cross Traxxion™. You remember that failed exparement right? No? How about now…

Jog your memory? Remember the newest and greatest change the NBA tried to bring almost a decade ago? Issues galore. Yup, was scrapped shortly after debuting.

Nike, we love you. We know you can be better. We want you to be better. Please be better.