Everybody who has any clue about the NBA knows how much Demarcus Cousins loves to talk. Talking smack is second nature to Boogie. Little did you know, Jusuf Nurkic is definitely a loud mouth as well.

When the Pelicans and Blazers faced off on Friday, Boogie stole show. He had 24 points, 19 rebounds and dished out 8 assists. Nurkic only had 19 and 5 boards, but that didn’t stop his unfiltered post-game comments.

Don’t lie to yourself, you love this.

In summary, Nurkic was definitely not happy with Boogie.

Cousins offered his thoughts:

“Why would anything be personal? I don’t hear anything he’s saying.”

We won’t be getting a rematch until March 27, but mark your calendars.