Time to Tank…

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Anthony J. Causi

After a very exciting start to the season, the Knicks have officially fell apart. They have fallen five games under .500 and are the tenth seed in the Eastern Conference.

I was never really a fan of the Knicks approach this season. They were planning to rebuild going in. However, they didn’t rebuild correctly. The Knicks signed Ramon Sessions and Jarrett Jack before the season started and gave Jack the starting job over Ntilikina.

The other rookie guards in the league such as Lonzo Ball, Donovan Mitchell and Dennis Smith are all starting for their teams, and are gaining a lot of experience in the process. That is not the case for Frank Ntilikina who is coming off the bench behind 34 year old Jarrett Jack who is hurting the team more than helping.

What Should They Do?

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The Knicks need to start their young guys, and trade the old guy it’s that simple. Kristaps Porzingis was supposed to be the “leader” of the team. He won’t be able to learn how to lead a team with guys like Courtney Lee and Jarrett Jack around. The following list of guys are the players that the Knicks need to get rid of: Courtney Lee, Kyle O’Quinn, Jarrett Jack and Joakim Noah. These four guys need to go.

The Knicks would have to buyout Joakim Noah for obvious reasons. Nobody wants him. Dolan needs to open up his wallet and give Noah his $37 million already.

Courtney Lee needs to go as well. He can definitely make an impact on a team that is trying to contend and could use a veteran presence.

Kyle O’Quinn is another guy who can make a huge impact on a contending team. The Warriors have expressed strong interest in the 27 year old center as they look for a good rebounder.

I cannot stress this enough. The Knicks need to keep Willy Hernangomez. One, he broke-out last season and got named to the NBA All-Rookie First Team. Second, he is best friends with Kristaps Porzingis. So if the Knicks want to keep the face of their franchise happy, I recommend they keep his buddy. Not saying Hernangomez can’t play either, he definitely can! In the opportunities he’s gotten he has played well, but you can’t expect him to explode every time he gets on the court when he’s only getting garbage-time minutes.

Jarrett Jack is easy, just cut him.