Kareem Abdul Jabbar’s 38000 points is the most overrated accolade EVER, and here’s why:

He spent 20 years in the NBA. In those 20 seasons, he played 70+ games every year except one which he played 62 (not including the playoffs). Six of those years he spent with Oscar Robertson, the second greatest point guard ever.

During the years they played together, Oscar Robertson averaged 19 points per game and 8 assists per game. This made it much easier for Kareem to rack up easy buckets in a time period where the centers weren’t great. The best centers during Kareem’s time were: Bob Lanier, Dave Cowens, Wes Unseld, Moses Malone, and Patrick Ewing. (few others, but they were all very young).

During the next 14 years of his career, Kareem got to play alongside the best point guard ever and arguably the best playmaker ever, Earvin Magic Johnson.

During this time together, Magic Johnson averaged 19.5 points per game and an insane 11.2 assists per game. Again, Kareem had an awesome playmaker making buckets come easy for him. Over a 20 year career with the two greatest point guards ever and a lackluster group of opposing centers, these 38000 points came easy to KAJ.

I am not trying to take anything away from Kareem’s ability or unstoppable hook shot, but just think twice before you overrate his 38000 points.

Mason Hafner

IG: yournbaopinions

(Stats taken from bballreference.com)