From the great city of Los Angeles… to DETRIOT? After playing his entire career in a Clippers uniform, Mr. Blake Griffin is headed elsewhere. WOJ BOMB.

No way…

As you already know, the whole basketball world went INSANE when they heard the news. The guy involved in the trade knew as much as we did…


This is a smart move for the Clippers who need to rebuild desperately. Expect them to make even more moves before the deadline. Guys like DeAndre Jordan and Lou Williams will be in a different uniform in March, I can guarantee it. They likely are going to pursue young players and draft picks.

I see the Cavs as a possible destination for both of them honestly. The contracts might not work out though. The Clippers are officially in rebuild mode.

Hey Clippers fans, you might want to transition to the Lakers soon, its going 5-10 years of rebuilding. Now stuck with Might want to buy your BBB merch soon.

Hey, at least these two get to stay together.

And for Detroit, big men on big men. Blake Griffin and Andre Drummond could be NASTY.

Ethan Carter