Photo Credit: Sports Illustrated

Multiple reports stated Tuesday afternoon that the Miami Heat and Chris Bosh may be on the verge of reaching a contract agreement to part ways, which would effectively make Bosh a free agent. On Wednesday, it was announced that an agreement has officially been reached, but not yet finalized. If finalized, this agreement would be huge for both sides, as it would allow the Heat to go into the offseason knowing exactly how they can approach free agency without having to worry about Bosh’s cap hold, while also giving Bosh the opportunity to potentially resume his playing career if his health persists.

Bosh’s last two seasons, in 2014-2015 and 2015-2016, were both unfortunately cut short due to recurring battles with blood clot issues. And after being unable to pass a physical prior to the start of this NBA season, Pat Riley and the Heat made the decision to end efforts of bringing him back. Now we all know blood clots are a serious health matter and should be treated as such; however, Bosh has stated his desire to return to the court numerous times.

In the event that Bosh can be officially cleared and is both willing and able to make an NBA return potentially next season, there are several teams who can use his services. At the age of 33, he may be past his prime and despite the fact he hasn’t played a game since Feb. 2016, he could still likely brings size, versatility, shooting, rebounding, and defense and could be a big asset for a team.

Obviously, since it’s only late-May, there is no telling exactly how the draft, free agency, the salary cap and other offseason factors will play out, but nonetheless, here are five teams that may potentially be a good fit for Bosh if he is able to successfully return: