We are in for another outstanding NBA Finals.

To nobody’s surprise it is featuring the Golden State Warriors and The Cleveland Cavaliers.

NBA Finals schedule 2017

With Game 1 starting on Thursday, expect the #1 seeded Golden State Warriors to come out the gates running as they have home-court advantage for games 1,2, 5*,7*.(*Games if necessary). Everybody knows how insane Warriors fans get, especially with the biggest matchup of the season.

Some players to keep an eye out for are Javale McGee, Ian Clark and even Shaun Livingston. JaVale McGee has his wishy washy games but whenever he wants to play, McGee will step up.

It was reported that one player from the Cavaliers (unknown) said that McGee wasn’t “smart enough” to play in this competitive, small series. Man, McGee never seems to get a break. He’s played tremendously better with the Warriors then any other team in the past few years.

One of the most important factors of both teams going in is going to be the contribution of their depth. Yes, this series is loaded with superstars. Still, those minimal points by the bench can be the difference in the outcome of the series.

Going deeper into the Warriors depth, it’s important to mention Ian Clark, a role player, who you can count on to always try his best on both sides of the ball. On offensive, expect Clark to give the explosive, sharp-shooting Cavs bench a little trouble.

Nevertheless, the Warriors always count on 6th man Shaun Livingston to give you quality minutes off the bench. Livingston isn’t just limited to the rim; Livingston can give you a pump fake, make you jump and then pull up the jumpshot. Livingston also has a height advantage over many point guards in the league including Cavs point guards, Kyrie Irving and Deron Williams, that had seemed to be effective in previous years. Home court will definitely be a factor in Golden State, but not any less in Cleveland where the former champions will definitely try to take advantage.

Everybody knows the main issue the Warriors have. No matter what. No matter when. No matter who. You aren’t stopping “The Freight Train” LeBron James. Many fans in Cleveland are hoping for another title, but it won’t come easily. What needs to continue to happen?

Kyrie Irving needs to continue being the Kyrie Irving we saw in the final games of the Eastern Conference Finals against the Celtics. If that’s the case, expect Kyrie to put Steph on skates (*cough* again) and whoever else comes in his way.

Kevin Love is arguably in the best shape he has ever been since joining the Cleveland Cavaliers. His shooting has been off the charts, shooting over 50% from the three point line in that last series vs. the Celtics. Spreading the floor, rebounding, and knocking down shots is Love’s primary concern.

Don’t forget the others. Kyle Korver, Iman Shumpert, Richard Jefferson and Deron Williams. As one of the best 3-point shooters in the league, expect LeBron James to find him just as he has found Mike Miller, James Jones, Kevin Love in the past.

Now, the matchup everyone is looking forward to. Kevin Durant vs. Lebron James.

Watch out for Kevin Durant and Draymond Green taking shots at guarding LeBron James this year. Andre Igudola is a great defender but he just doesn’t match up for LeBron. Kevin Durant’s long wingspan will definitely help out against LeBron in these Finals. Even though he didn’t do much to stop him back when the Thunder played the Cavs in the 2012 finals, expect Durant to be much better with the added talent on his team.

Also, Steph on Kyrie. We all know that needs to be avoided. Last year Kyrie drilled a step-back game-winning 3 pointer as the Cavs went on to win the NBA Championship in Golden State. I really don’t think Steph should be guarding Kyrie at all, even at the start.

This series is all about match ups. We will see the matchup of Kevin Love and Draymond Green. Kevin Love has been exceptional from 3 this offseason. Will Defensive Player of the Year candidate be able to stop him? Indiana failed. Toronto failed. Boston failed tremendously. Who will stop Love’s 3 point shot?

We started with 16, now we are down to 2.

For the first time in NBA history, the two teams in the Finals will be the same for the third consecutive year. Who walks away as champs? We find out starting tomorrow.