Derrick Rose (Sports Illustrated)

Derrick Rose agent BJ Armstrong said Rose is willing to take a pay cut

On July 1 Derrick Rose will be a free agent for the first time in his seventh career season in the NBA. Rose was preparing for free agency since the 2015 offseason with his former team the Chicago Bulls.

Rose left his hometown via trade in 2016; he joined the New York Knicks. Despite missing the playoffs with a 31-52 season record, his heart is still set out to be in New York.

Per Blecher Report:

“Derrick loves New York and wants to be there,” Rose’s agent, B.J. Armstrong, told Bleacher Report recently. “We’ve expressed that to them and been very consistent about it. Whether it happens is on them; all we can do is be clear.”

Armstrong said Rose, who underwent surgery to repair a torn meniscus in his left knee in April, is healthy and working out. He also insinuated that Rose would be willing to take a pay cut (he made $21.3 million last year).

“In the end, we want to explore everything—if you’re going to compete, you clearly need a number of [top] players, so let’s figure that out,” Armstrong said. “We want the best team possible. That’s it. All the other stuff, if the team wins, everyone wins.”

Rose’s agent, BJ Armstrong let it be known, that Rose is willing to take a pay cut to bring more valuable pieces to the team.

Courtney Lee & Derrick Rose (BR)

Rose’s biggest problem with the Knicks this year was about winning. In his interview with ESPN on March 23, he said, ” I want to win.” Winning possibly is not on the New York radar, as we all know Phil Jackson suggested Carmelo Anthony look elsewhere because he knows that his team isn’t ready to win yet. Jackson exact words, “better off chasing a championship elsewhere.”

With Rose knowing that the organization is not focused on winning the championship, his “I want to win,” statement is looking absurd if he intends to stay in New York.