No team in the league is ever satisfied with the amount of stars they have on their team. Oh yeah, except the Warriors… Everyone else is lagging behind, trying to find any piece to give them an edge.

However, with the recent trade rumors surrounding the league, the T’Wolves should feel confident in their chances if they are able to land Kyrie Irving. 

Ever since the news about Kyrie Irving wanting out of Cleveland surfaced, teams are harassing the Cleveland Cavaliers about their point guard who unquestionably has the best handles this game has seen in recent years. One being the Minnesota Timberwolves.

According to Jon Krawczynski of AP News, the Wolves are exploring all possible options to land the guard. Wiggins back to Cleveland?

According to Krawczynski, there’s a huge possibility that this deal wouldn’t get done because Minnesota is not completely set on moving Wiggins, just like New York wasn’t set on moving PorzinGOD.

Stars Karl-Anthony Towns and Jimmy Butler have also been pushing hard for Kyrie.

Dave McMenamin of ESPN said Jimmy Butler and Karl-Anthony Towns have been trying to recruit Kyrie and pushing Wolves management to make a deal for him on ESPNs lockdown podcast

When Butler appeared on ESPN’s First Take, Butler said, “I would want to play with Kyrie.”

Also, Kyrie wanted to join the Chicago Bulls prior to Butler’s trade with the Timberwolves.


“Another league source said that Irving made his initial trade request before last month’s draft, in hopes of being traded to Chicago and playing with All-Star swingman Jimmy Butler,” Aldrige wrote. “Just before Griffin and the team decided to part ways, Griffin had been working on a three-team deal that would have brought Butler to the Cavs.”

The completion of this trade would be perfect for the Timberwolves because they would have an offensive superman at the point position, while having Jeff Teague, an All Star in 2015, coming off the bench.

Yes, it will definitely not be a walk in the park when any team has to face up against Irving, Butler, and Towns. That is one deadly Big 3. They need to compliment one another. Butler and Towns help Irving with his defense, and Irving helps the team in ways you’ve witnessed in previous years.

Kyrie Irving has not made any news official yet, but speculations are always awesome.

There should be more light at the end of the tunnel about the Kyrie situation in Cleveland after Koby Altman gets introduced as the new general manager during today’s press conference at 4pm ET.