The Phoenix Suns have a lot of money to spend; why not throw it all at a superstar Power Forward? 

The Phoenix Suns are set on four out of  five positions. The only aspect missing from that starting lineup is a athletic power forward who can put up 20 points a game.

According to Brad Turner of LA Times, the Suns can offer Blake Griffin 4 year $130 million contract.

Griffin, 28, can bring a lot of new fans to the desert. Griffin is a highlight machine, who is known for his incredibly flashy finishes. He has came close to mastering the post, some sense of spot up jump shots and hit the three from time to time.

Griffin averaged 21.6 points on 49 percent shooting, pulled down 8.1 boards and 4.9 assists. Blake isn’t a one dimensional player; he can facilitate and put other players in good position to score the ball.

Blake has gotten a lot of interest from the Boston Celtics and Los Angeles Clippers, but the Suns are a new team to enter this frenzy.

Boston and LA would have to open up their pockets a little bit too large to sign Griffin and get his eyes off the Suns $131 million deal.

Stay tuned for updates!