This NBA season has been full of fights. Although the fights typically involve players on the court, things got a bit heated for two cameramen during the Warriors practice Thursday.

Following the Warriors practice on Thursday, Feb. 1, Kevin Durant spoke to reporters on a potential LeBron-to-Oakland rumor. Durant commented on the rumors, saying it was “bullshit.”

With circulating rumors of a potential offseason meeting between James and the Warriors, there was more press availability at practice than usual.

However, during the interviews, two cameramen argued about personal space with hopes of getting the best footage of KD’s comments.

The two cameramen argued for a minute, exchanging expletives and telling each other not to push around. Durant was able to get through the interview, but as the argument escalated, he had to stop talking and tried to get the situation settled.

Here’s another angle from Anthony Slater of The Athletic.

While the argument between the two cameramen was eventually resolved, the LeBron-to-the-Warriors rumor is something that will certainly be argued upon by basketball junkies until mid-July.


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Photo by Anthony Slater | The Athletic