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What’s going on with John Wall?

With John Wall returning to light, on-court shooting practice within the next few days, Wizards fans are (probably) anticipating his full return to the team. So, since he’ll hopefully be back relatively soon, let’s talk about John Wall.

To be honest, he’d been having an underwhelming season. Last year, he was great. Really, really great. So much so you probably couldn’t imagine the Wizards’ team functioning cohesively without him. But, you’d be wrong.

Without Wall, the Wizards seem to be coping fine… You could even go as far to say that the Wizards have been better without Wall. They’re currently 4th in the East and the mantra of ‘everybody eats’ has effectively made their season. Without John Wall, the Wizards have seriously stepped up their game. Certain players, in particular, have really raised the standard, notably Bradley Beal, Kelly Oubre and Otto Porter.

So, should the Wizards be looking forward to Wall’s return to the team and inevitably their starting line-up? Or, should they be more concerned about breaking their rhythm by integrating Wall back into such a crucial position?


Do the Wizards need John Wall at the moment?

It’s fair to say the Wizards’ team has grown without John Wall. Maybe a sudden necessity to adapt to the loss of their star Point Guard forced the team to improvise and raise their individual performances accordingly. Maybe Wall could even have been holding back the potential of some of these players who are now performing well…

Regardless of which reason is true, John Wall is on his return. So, the Wizards have to analyse the situation carefully, considering each possible approach. They could integrate him immediately back into the starting group. However, they would have to hope the sudden shift doesn’t disrupt their current steady rhythm. However, in my opinion, there is a better line of action.

Personally, I would slowly blend John Wall back into the team. This is for many reasons. One is to ensure further strain on a recovering injury isn’t provoked. Another is to allow John Wall to smoothly get back into his groove so he can contribute effectively when he’s on the floor.

Either way, how the Wizards coaching team deal with this dilemma could make or break their season. It could work perfectly, even improving their current position in the East to better their playoff seed and their likelihood of a prolonged run in the Playoffs. Get it wrong and they could crash and burn altogether, ruining the perfect balance they currently have.


Is the timing of his return good or bad for the Wizards?

From my point of view, always.

John Wall is an incredible Point Guard. Although he had a relatively shaky start to the season, I always think you’d want him as a part of your starting group more often than not. Especially in the Playoffs. I would integrate him back slowly now, but always with the intention of raising his minutes to where they were previously so that the balanced can be adjusted and maintained in time for the Playoffs.

The Playoffs are a time where big-time players make big-time plays, and that’s one of the most valid reasons as to why you’d want John Wall back and firing on all cylinders for those exact moments. Those game on the line, make it and win moments that you would always entrust to your best player.

So, why not have your best player back sooner to make sure that he’s comfortable and ready to play when it matters most? I think that would even be worth taking the short-term hit of losing a few games whilst the balance is re-established.

Personally, I’m excited about John Wall’s return and I really hope he can elevate this Wizards team even higher so that they can provide some truly competitive and entertaining series in the Playoffs this year.


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