As we already can see, this year’s NBA Rookie class is going to be something exciting to watch. A class filled with athletic slashers, over-sized floor managers, but most importantly game changers for multiple franchises. The season is still young, but let’s take a look at Lonzo Ball, a new face that has basketball fans excited for the future.

Lonzo Ball. The 2nd pic for the Lakers in the 2017 Draft, is no doubt a baller. Don’t let his poor shooting performances sway you in another direction. Despite his unorthodox shooting form, Ball shows the potential to be a perimeter threat that will keep defenses on their heels. Still early in the season, it’s too soon to say the shot is broken. The best part is, that’s not even what makes the Big Baller a baller.

The young point guards vision and feel for the game is phenomenal. An elite passer complemented by height. Magic Johnson knew the kid was special. Through his first four games, the rookie has shown the ability as a playmaker and the playstyle is contagious.

Building the foundation for Luke Walton’s run and gun offense is up and running. The Lakers aren’t poised to make any noise in the loaded Western conference. So the one and only goal should be development.

When it comes to the bright lights of Los Angeles, Lonzo is no stranger to the media. Thanks to his father’s off court presence.

Despite the way that he has conducted himself at times, Lavar Ball really has not only set up his eldest son for success, but his entire family. What other NBA player has entered the league with their own brand? Appeared in their own television show?

The Big Baller Brand is just another reason why Lonzo Ball is special. Instead of signing with a major brand, the family fights all odds and takes a risk. They become the sole face and voice of their own brand. Although the price is only for “big ballers”, it shows that the Ball family is looking to make a lasting impression on the league (first impression was not too great haha).

If having your own brand and being the starting point guard of Lakers wasn’t good enough, the young star also releases music in his spare time. Whether inspired by other aspiring athlete/artists such as Damian Lillard, the rookie shows us that he’s more than just a baller.

He’s an entertainer. Not quite as entertaining as his father’s one-on-one’s, but certainly enough to revitalize this Los Angeles franchise. I mean, who else can put up a near triple-double performance and release a song in one night?

His shot has only been alive for one game so far, but his ball distribution along with his off all movement is something to witness every single time he takes the court. In his first four games, the point guard has tallied over a total of 26 assists. He’s been on the attack when leading the fastbreak, and has given up good shots to create better shots for his teammates.

His best game as a pro so far:

Going forward you can only hope that the shot begins to fall. The young guard must be patient and should NOT let the hype overwhelm him. His game will come. Hopefully sooner rather than later.

He has all the tools necessary to become a great in this league. Ball could be something similar to a sharpshooting Penny Hardaway. And that, is a nightmare for the rest of the league for years to come.