The Chicago Bulls came out strong in the first quarter scoring 22 points in 6 minutes.

Jimmy Butler had a real good first half shooting 50%. Derrick Rose had 9 points at the half. After the scoring drive from the Bulls, here comes the Thunder soaring from behind. Kevin Durant and Russell Westbrook had 31 points combined at halftime to bring them within 2 at halftime. The Thunder came back from a 14 point deficit.

Coming out of halftime Derrick Rose looked great weaving in and out of traffic like he was never hurt. Despite Rose is moving slower than usually he has to get his flow for the game back as he told Chris Broussard before the game that Rose feels good about the season. The Bulls rookie Bobby Portis is still learning how to play with his team as him and Rose had some miscommunication on the court today.

Westbrook on the other came out of the break getting steals once again. Westbrook is like lighting on the court never gives up on plays. In the start of the fourth Durant gave the Thunder fans some excitement when he scored 6 unanswered points with two of those points being an and-one call. Anthony Morrow came off the bench strong scoring 6 points in 45 seconds with a turnover from Pau Gasol; then an assist from Russell Westbrook to bring OKC back to 8.

The whole game Durant and Butler played great defense on each other but neither side was better than the other. Both KD and Butler had over 20 points. The Bulls slowed KD and Westbrook in the fourth where they usually shine. The Bulls only scored 19 points in the fourth while the Thunder had 28. Despite Rose fouling out Bulls won 105-96 to sweep OKC on the season.

Tabren Wallace

Spark Sports NBA Analyst