The Toronto Raptors stand in third place in the Eastern Conference and are looking to compete with the Cavaliers for the top spot in the East. Today, the Raptors have agreed with the Orlando Magic in a trade involving the talented big man Serge Ibaka.

Ibaka, a member of the Thunder for the beginning of the year was traded to the Orlando Magic in a deal involving Ibaka and Victor Oladipo. Today, the Orlando Magic have parted ways with Ibaka to acquire Terrence Ross and a first round pick. This deal leaves the Magic with a quality scorer off the bench while giving them a pick to possible fix to their big man depth.

Although Ibaka has been struggling a bit this season, he should still contribute. He hasn’t been as effective as he was in Oklahoma City, but he should fit right in with a Raptors team looking to compete with the top teams in the East.  He is a big man who can stretch the floor but is also a very good defender. His ability to block shots and rebound is something that is treasured in today’s NBA, which should help the Raptors in their effort to attain the top seed in the Eastern Conference.