Our very own Aniello Piro was able to meet Julius Randle of the Los Angeles Lakers last night! Randle was the seventh overall pick in the 2014 NBA draft.  Julius unfortunately broke his leg early in the 2014 season which caused him to miss virtually the entire year.  Randle is a very gifted player on the hardwood and has the skills and potential to be an up and coming star in the league. Randle went to the university of Kentucky where he averaged 15.0 points per game and 10.4 rebounds per game. Both Aniello and the Spark Sports community wish Julius the best of luck in the upcoming season!

Aniello did not have the opportunity to sit down with Randle and ask him some questions about himself and the upcoming year ,but he does have a source who is close with the player.  Aniello is working hard to get an interview with the young star of the Lakers.

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