Photo “All-Star Game” // Getty Images

Why Change the All-Star Game?

The NBA All-Star game is renowned for being very laidback and uncompetitive. As a result, it can easily bore us fans. Odd moments are funny, for example Steph lying on the ground to avoid a Giannis poster was definitely a moment worth having.

Adam Silver, however, has decided to try and improve the effort the players make during the game. This will hopefully make the game more worthwhile to watch.

But why does it need to be more competitive? In short, for entertainment. If the game is more competitive, the players tend to make the game closer and more exciting due to the higher level of intensity. This gets more people watching and buying tickets, generating more money for the NBA. That is, of course, Adam Silver’s motive. However, we can be assured he wants a better experience for the fans, too.

So, what’s he doing about it?

Firstly, having two team captains as opposed to conference matchups was the first step towards having a more competitive environment. This way, the teams are more balanced and it eliminates the presumed expectations of which team will win (previously, the Western All-Stars were always guaranteed to win).

It doesn’t get rid of the disparity between the two conferences, since we still vote for the players depending on which conference they play in. But, giving credit where it’s due, it’s certainly a start.

Then, yesterday the NBA announced that players on the winning team will receive $100,000 as a reward whilst the losers will receive just $25,000 for their efforts. Again, this is a step in the right direction as this should give players an incentive to play at a similar level to which they would normally during a regular season game. This gives the fans the experience of the best-of-the-best going at it at a high intensity.

Isn’t that every NBA fan’s dream and why we all watch and love the game? To watch pros battle it out each and every season to see which team will come out on top? You can say the same for the All-Star game. Especially since its entire purpose is purely for fan enjoyment (and making money, but that goes without saying).