The 2018 All-Star Game is in the books. Let’s analyze the best and worst parts of this weekend. Let’s start with the good, and end it off with the bad.

First off, the All-Star Game itself was INTENSE, AMAZING, and there was actually defense being played. Mad kudos to Curry and LeBron for encouraging their guys to go out there and compete hard for all four quarters. The only thing that needs to change is the drafting process. They need to make it public, right before the game… which according to NBA Commissioner Adam Silver, will most likely happen. The other event that needs to be adjusted is the skills challenge. Although most people watch Saturday nights festivities for the dunk contest and three point shootout, the skills challenge in my opinion was the best to watch, and the most competitive. Making larger incentives and increasing the hype surrounding it is a start.

Now onto the bad…. The dunk contest was an utter disappointment to say the least.

Nobody did anything that spectacular. There was no “Dwight Howard Superman” dunks, no Aaron Gordon mascot insanity, and definitely no Nate Robinson. The crowd was totally not into it. The contestants had to really….really try to get the crowd into it. The judges, besides Doctor J were not scoring dunks correctly (in my opinion) and robbed Larry Nance Jr., who had the best dunk of the night of a sure victory. The last thing I want to touch on is the god awful pre-game show that happened before the game. It was all really, really unnecessary. It seemed forced, practiced and I could tell the players were not into it at all. Follow that up with whatever the hell Fergie spit out of her mouth… it had my hopes for a good game down the drain, but ultimately it ended up being one of the best All-Star Games I’ve ever seen. Social media definitely did NOT take it easy on Fergie.

The NBA has a lot to work on when it comes to fixing the All-Star Weekend festivities, but Adam Silver is one of the best commissioners the NBA has ever seen. I’m only expecting it to get better as the years go on.