Before the 2016-2017 NBA season began, the New York Knicks were projected to be one of the top teams in the Eastern Conference, after signing Derrick Rose and Joakim Noah, former teammates who were two of the star players of Chicago. The Knicks did not even come close to their expectations, with the record of 23-33, more than halfway through the season.

After getting blown out by Cleveland in their opening game, it was pretty obvious that the Knicks were going to have a disastrous season. They did not seem to have any chemistry, not being able to play well together as a team which hasn’t changed ever since.

The reason for the Knicks’ struggles are because of starting point guard Derrick Rose, and starting center, Joakim Noah. Without a doubt, this is by far their worst season ever (besides the seasons Rose didn’t play due to injuries). Noah averages a weak 5.0 PPG, to go along with 8.7 RPG. He’s currently one of the worst free throw shooters of 2016-2017 regular season, with a disappointing .436

Rose does not look anything like his old self. He was a dominant point guard with the Bulls, up until suffering many major injuries. Ever since, he just hasn’t been able to dominate the game like he used to.

Many people believe that their struggles are because of Carmelo Anthony, but that is definitely not the real reason, as he leads the team in scoring with 23.2 PPG.

Although Melo statistically is really helping the team, the Knicks should trade him away, because they can get a lot in return.

With the trade deadline approaching in just over a week, February 23, trading Melo, D-Rose, and Noah for a star point guard and a draft pick should be the Knicks’ top priority.

The Knicks need to start rebuilding, and this will start it off. Most of the time, successful teams have a star point guard. Take a look at the successful teams in the NBA, most of them having a star PG in their hands.

  1. Golden State Warriors- Stephen Curry
  2. Cleveland Cavaliers- Kyrie Irving
  3. Boston Celtics- Isaiah Thomas
  4. Houston Rockets- James Harden
  5. Los Angeles Clippers- Chris Paul
  6. Toronto Raptors- Kyle Lowry
  7. Washington Wizards- John Wall
  8. Memphis Grizzlies- Mike Conley
  9. Oklahoma City Thunder- Russell Westbrook
  10. San Antonio Spurs- Experienced PG, best coach of the NBA.
  11. Atlanta Hawks- Dennis Schroder is definitely playing like a star PG.
  12. Utah Jazz- Not a star PG, but George Hill is playing really well this season.

All in all, the New York Knicks are a complete mess and owner Dolan really needs to figure out the next move for this team.

It all starts with getting rid of these three players, and starting young, on a clean slate. Can Phil Jackson own up to the pride of constructing a horrible team? Can James Dolan step away from feeding his pockets for a second and help the team? We are sure to see pretty soon.