This compilation consists of often slept-on players that have broken out of their “shell” . Giannis and Kristaps were left out, just because they’ve been on the level for a year.  Honorable mentions consist of: Dwight Howard, Khris Middleton Jeff Green.

#5: Aaron Gordon

The former Dunk Contest Champion has actually been going off recently, completely contrary to the terrible performance of the 11-20 Orlando Magic. Gordon has been putting up 19.2 ppg (shooting 48%), 8.1 reb, 2.0 ast, .9 stl, and one block a game.

These are crazy numbers compared to last year, where he put up just 12 points a game and snagging 5 boards. As of late it looks like Gordon has developed a 3 point shot, shooting 39% from behind the arc. When the Magic facilitate the ball, Gordon can either drive to the rim, pull the mid-range, or hit from downtown.

The 7-foot center the Magic have in Vucevic is out until the offseason with a fractured right hand, which leaves Orlando with Bismack Biyombo at the C. With their third best player out for the count, it’s gonna be up to Fournier and Gordon to put the young Magic team on their back.

#4: Tyreke Evans

The 4th overall pick in the 2009 NBA draft, SG/SF, Tyreke Evans is on another level this season. It’s starting to look like the 29 year old is back to playing like his rookie self. Out of the University of Memphis, Tyreke Evans was an explosive 6’6 point guard.

Drafted by the Kings, his future was bright. Tyreke put up 20 ppg, 6 ast, and 5 boards in his rookie season. Those stats earned him Rookie of the Year, over modern day allstars such as Blake Griffin, James Harden, Demar Derozan, and Steph Curry. He was drafted by the Kings though, meaning he was terribly mishandled. The front office thought he was best suited for SF, a horrible mistake. His career declined from there.

As of late, Evans has put up 20 points a game, shooting 47% from the field and 41% from the three. With Conley out for another couple weeks, Evans will have to step it up for his team, like he did when he was rookie.

#3: Lou Williams

Coming from a Clippers fan, I’m pretty hyped up about the recent performance of Lou. He’s starting at SG for the Clippers and putting up 22 points a night, dishing 5 assists a game.

With Griffin, Gallinari, Beverly, and Teodosic all suffering from injuries, two or three of them is out every game. This gives Lou a great opportunity to have the offense running through him. He’s putting up 44% from the field and 40% from downtown. Not to mention he’s shooting 90% from the free throw line. According to Blake Griffin, Williams has also been leading the team, “He is a locker room guy. He is a leader for us.” Unlike common speculations, Williams is not just an iso player.

In games you can see Williams calling plays, making the extra pass, and stepping up on the defensive end. If the Clippers squad can stay healthy (we say this every year), they have a slept on, but also scary squad.