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Trae Young has taken over college basketball this season. Leading Oklahoma to the 7th ranked position with an 11-1 record. Young is leading the nation in scoring and assists with a 29.4 and 10.6 stat line. He’s gotten high praise from top NBA players such as Steph Curry and LeBron James.

Even though he is the top player in the nation and NBA players are acknowledging his talent, do not expect Young to go top-5 or even top-10 in the draft this summer…

Why Not?

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Trust me, I am all for Trae Young going high in the draft this summer. I have heard a lot of NBA fans talking about how he is going to up there with Bagley and Doncic. But, that is not going to happen. Players similar to Young such as Malik Monk, Frank Mason and Marcus Page who were smaller point guards who thrived in scoring did not get taken that high.

For some reason NBA scouts don’t seem to be that interested in players of Young’s kind. The player that Young has drawn the most comparisons to is NBA superstar Stephen Curry. Young and Curry are both breeds of scoring point guards who lack height. Curry had lots of weaknesses coming into the NBA according to NBA “scouts.”

It doesn’t make much sense, but it is just the way it is. If you ask me, I think that Young’s talents will translate to the NBA very well. It is too early to tell if he is going to be an ‘NBA Superstar,’ but he will definitely be one heck of a player.

No Suitors for Young?

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Plenty of NBA fans have been saying that “their team” is getting Young, and many fans would want that obviously. The only problem is that many of the teams in the lottery this year were in the lottery last year, and most of them took point guards. The Lakers, Sixers, Knicks, Mavericks, Kings, and Hornets all took point guards. Most of those teams will be in the top-10 this year as well

Let’s take a look at what the lineup would look like if the season ended today. The top ten teams in the draft would likely be (no particular order) the Mavericks, Hawks, Kings, Lakers (going to Sixers or Celtics), Grizzlies, Suns, Magic, Bulls, Nets (going to Cavs), and Hornets. The Mavericks, Sixers or Celtics, Kings, Grizzlies and Bulls are all set at the point guard spot. The Hornets have Kemba Walker, and it is unlikely he is going to be traded.

The Suns need a young point guard desperately, but I don’t see the Suns taking Young. That would make a backcourt with two major scorers, similar to Damian Lillard and CJ McCollum and that hasn’t turned out well for the Trail Blazers. I’d expect the Suns to take Collin Sexton. That leaves the Cavs and the Magic in the top-10. I don’t see the Cavs holding on to the pick. I see them trading it for another superstar to make a late season push.

The Magic have a young talent overload. They do not seem to know how to handle and develop their players. So they are a bit of a wild card. Due to Young having no true fits in the top-10, it is likely that Young ends up on the Utah Jazz. That is my pick. The LA Clippers would be sure to make a move if Young was an option. A backcourt of Trae Young and Donovan Mitchell would be deadly in the future.

What to Expect

Expect Trae Young to go around the 10-15 range, to a team like the Jazz, Clippers, Magic, or Cavs. I really hope NBA scouts don’t mess it up and pass on this young talent, but based on past years it is very likely. It isn’t the scouts fault if they don’t have a fit for Young on their team though. This years draft class is absolutely loaded and it will be exciting to see all of the drama play out over these next months.

Ethan Carter, @theleaguesource