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Simply Iconic.

So, Vince Carter is fairly well-known for his ability to dunk a basketball. I’m sure that isn’t anything new to those reading. However, his talent meant so much more than simply putting a ball through a hoop…

Throughout his career, Vince Carter has given us all as basketball fans incredible moments that we can all remember and playback in our minds. The Slam Dunk Contest in 2000. The game-winner against Toronto. The self alley-oop in the 2005 All-Star game. THAT alley-oop against the Lakers. As well as just about a hundred other alley-oops and poster dunks that have stuck in people’s minds.

VC made a career as an emphatic dunker, capable of electrifying a crowd with just one play. He was a lethal and clutch scorer, undoubtedly one of the greatest dunkers of all time and one of the most loved players to ever play in the NBA. He was so extraordinary that players have even paid tribute to him in dunk contests, such as Terrence Ross in 2013 and recently Donovan Mitchell this year (18 years since his dunk contest win in 2000). Well, they tried to replicate him at least.

Vince Carter is the definition of an impact player but, what exactly did he mean to Toronto?

“Been flowin’ stupid since Vince Carter was on some through the legs, arm in the hoop sh*t”

Vince Carter arguably did more for Toronto than any player has ever done for a city in the NBA. Listening to Drake, LeBron and Chris Bosh talk about VC, you really start to appreciate just how much he did for the city. He made Toronto a place to be, similar to Los Angeles and New York. He attracted major celebrities and popularity to Toronto, allowing the city to upgrade its status as a major city in terms of popularity and recognition.

In that interview on Uninterrupted between Bron and Chris, Drake talks about what Vince meant to the city which I think really shows how much of an impact he had:

“We had rappers and people from here (Toronto) that were acting like we were in New York.”

“He created a culture for us that we had only seen on television.”

“We had somebody and people were gravitating towards us.”

“They (celebrities) just created an event around our city because we just had excitement. We finally had something.”

Drake then also goes onto talk about how Toronto reacted to Vince’s involvement with the city and its people. I think what he says perfectly explains why players (VC especially) fall in love with the cities they play ball in:

“When you give this city something, they’re gonna make it into everything.”